Aruba: Jewel of the Caribbean

The Jewel is the Aruban People

Aruba: Jewel of the Caribbean

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on Bini!- Ten Reasons to Visit Aruba
Awesome Aruba Warm and Welcoming Hosts: There are few spots on the planet where you’ll be greeted by such warm and hospitable people. Over 40 nationalities are represented in the population of almost 100,000, but most Arubans are as comfortable with English, Spanish, and Dutch as they are with their unique native language of Papiamento. Bonbini is the phrase you’ll hear most often when you arrive; it’s Papiamento for “welcome”. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel…

Aruba: This magical island has two sides--One tropical, one desert...

Endless Strands of Perfect Sand

Aruba’s beaches are among the most breathtaking in the world – soft, sparkling white sands stretch for miles lapped by azure waters chock-full of amazing marine life and lit by spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Just one day on one of these surreal beaches and you will have to admit, that yes, there is heaven on earth. And it’s found on Aruba.

Fun Things to Do

While the superb snorkeling, scuba, and watersports of every kind might keep you tied to the beach, the island’s interior holds offbeat delights. Topside discovery tours help you unearth the real Aruba with desert jeep trekking, dune sliding, land sailing, ostrich riding, donkey feeding, spelunking in ancient caves, and historic sites. Then there’s architecturally pleasing Oranjestad that is well worth exploring with its cosmopolitan art galleries, modern museums, and happening spots!divitree400

A Parent’s Paradise

Your biggest parenting vacation challenge will be to choose what child-pleasing pastime to partake of next! “I’m bored!” are words your children will never utter on this island! Aqua fun, cool critter encounters, thrilling extreme adventures… there are hundreds of activities to ensure unlimited family fun. And when you need “adult time”, babysitting services and children’s activity programs are offered.

Streamlined Security

Ultimate ease of travel to and from Aruba is assured with efficient and convenient services at Queen Beatrix Airport like a separate dedicated terminal for US visitors providing quick customs and clearance – coming and going. That means much more beach time!

Epicurean Adventures

From the freshest catch of the day seaside to first-class culinary offerings that span the entire globe, Aruba has it all. An eclectic potpourri of dining locales offers cuisines from as far away as Japan and as close as South America. You’ll also find China, Indonesia, Holland, America, France, and even Cuba well represented. Local fare of sumptuous soups and stews and delightful desserts add to the palate-pleasing spectrum of epicurean adventures to be

Supreme Shopping

Bargain hunt in the open markets or succumb to serious retail therapy with international designer fashions, electronics, diamonds, crystal, china, linens, jewelry, perfumes, watches, and more in the multi-faceted malls and charming boutiques, all tax-free and low on duty! (Bring an extra suitcase for the treasures you’ll pick up, or simply buy one here!)

After-Dark Enchantmentnoches-de-aruba-wallpaper__yvt2

Boogie barefoot on the beach, go glamorous at world-class casinos or take in Vegas-style revues… nocturnal pleasures abound here. Live bands and DJ-driven music give the many bars and clubs their own vibe, and the bar-hopping bus and sunset party cruises assure you a one-of-a-kind night out. Come for Carnival and you can join the entire island for a party that lasts for weeks!

Romance Unlimited

Aruba is the Caribbean epicenter for romance. The island is famous for providing perfect locations for lavish honeymoons, surfside spots to tie the knot, and paradisiacal places to rekindle flames, renew vows, or celebrate a landmark anniversary. This is definitely a passionate island. And how about a “babymoon”– a final foray of vacation freedom as a couple before baby makes three!

Consistently Calm Climate

Aruba’s weather forecasters have the best job in the world because just about every day is a beautiful day. With an annual average rainfall below 20 inches, a balmy average daytime temperature of 82 degrees, and constant trade winds to offset the sun’s heat, how could a meteorologist go wrong? Plus, Aruba is outside the hurricane belt, so you’ll never have to worry about tropical storms ruining your vacation.

Article courtesy of Susan Campbell